Why Live-In Caregivers Need At Home Companionship

“In Home Care in Hackensack, NJ offers senior citizens companionship in their golden years.” That is the title of a recent article in The New Jersey Journal. According to the report, “The senior residents in our care have many reasons for wanting companionship. Whether they are healthy enough to do it all on their own, or would rather have someone there to share their senior years with, most of our residents’ concerns are easily addressed through in home care.”

at home companions

According to the same article, “The cost of in home companionship ranges from as low as one hundred and eighty-nine dollars for a one month term to four hundred and fifty-five dollars for a monthlong term.” ” caregivers provide basic personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding, walking, using the bathroom, playing with the patient’s toys, and helping with activities of daily living such as shopping, meal planning, light housekeeping, and using the telephone.” Also included is professional personal care such as help writing letters, reading the patient’s newspaper, conducting massage, preparing meals, shopping, and accompanying the patient to doctor’s appointments. Most services are provided by licensed professionals who perform their own exams and evaluations before offering a service. All services are insured, certified by state boards, and approved by Medicare. read more