At Home Companions – A Companion Agency For Elderly People

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If you or a loved one is ailing and requires 24-hour care, home companions are an excellent option. At Home Companions offers hourly and live-in care and offers affordable, quality, and safe care. Owned and operated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the agency is dedicated to helping seniors remain independent at home.

Companion caregivers can provide emotional support and assist with activities of daily living. This reduces the amount of stress on the family. Angels caregivers work with clients to understand their needs and can visit daily, weekly, or multiple times a week. These caregivers can provide assistance with a wide variety of tasks and activities. read more

What Are Companions For the Elderly?

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Companions for the elderly are professionals who work with older people to make their lives easier and to provide social interaction. Companions can help with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing, as well as with medication and household chores. Some companions are also able to help with respite care, such as helping with errands. These professionals are often trained to deal with dementia and other conditions and can help seniors with a variety of tasks.

Companions can help elderly individuals stay mentally and physically fit. They can participate in activities and play games with seniors to help them maintain their cognitive abilities. This is important for seniors of all ages, but especially for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Companions can also help relieve loneliness, which is detrimental to health. read more

The Benefits of Elder Care and Companions for Elderly People

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When searching for an assisted living facility, you should take a look at the facility’s reputation and the kind of residents it attracts. You should find a facility where the residents all appear to be at similar functional levels. It should also be equipped with non-skid floors, cupboards and carpets. And, it should have a call button, so if you need help, you can call the care team.

Companionship is another great benefit of an assisted living facility. Companions work closely with clients to provide companionship and non-medical assistance. They can help your elderly relative prepare meals, go shopping, and run errands. Companions also help you take your loved one to doctor’s appointments. read more

Live-In Aides in Home Companions for Elderly and Disabled People

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A live-in aide is a qualified individual who resides in a patient’s home. While HUD does not require that a live-in aide live in the same home as the patient, landlords must provide the aide with reasonable accommodations, and make finding a suitable live-in aide a priority. These professionals must meet specific HUD guidelines. A patient must have a documented need for a live-in aide, and the property owner must verify the need for one.

The HUD Handbook, or HUD Regulations, provide guidelines for who may qualify to be a live-in aide. A relative may be considered a Live-in aide if they meet certain requirements. However, HUD does not allow an adult child to move into a unit as a live-in aide. The child must perform the duties of a live-in aide in order to qualify. read more