Live-In Aides in Home Companions for Elderly and Disabled People

livein aid

A live-in aide is a qualified individual who resides in a patient’s home. While HUD does not require that a live-in aide live in the same home as the patient, landlords must provide the aide with reasonable accommodations, and make finding a suitable live-in aide a priority. These professionals must meet specific HUD guidelines. A patient must have a documented need for a live-in aide, and the property owner must verify the need for one.

The HUD Handbook, or HUD Regulations, provide guidelines for who may qualify to be a live-in aide. A relative may be considered a Live-in aide if they meet certain requirements. However, HUD does not allow an adult child to move into a unit as a live-in aide. The child must perform the duties of a live-in aide in order to qualify. read more