Home Health Care – A Personalized Service

“Home Care for seniors in Hackensack, NJ”: At Home Companion provides senior home care in northern NJ, mostly in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County. Excellent options available include full-time, hourly or part-time care along with live-in senior home companion services; in the house, nursing home, senior living facility, rehab center, or hospital. Owned and operated since 2021. We are dedicated to offering safe, clean senior home care, beginning with a thorough background investigation, and continuing through assessments of our caregivers’ competency.

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A caregiver can be anyone who is capable of providing personal care. Generally, a private home care agency will require a letter of recommendation from the person seeking a caregiver. This letter must explain the specific abilities required and why that person needs to have a caregiver. Be sure to include any special needs, medications, physical or mental condition or injury that affects daily living.

If you are seeking companionship or assistance for your elderly parents, it’s wise to take a look at the options provided by your private home care agency. For example, some agencies provide companions for elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia while others help with bathing, dressing, feeding, exercising, and grooming. Most agencies also provide companions for physically disabled individuals who need assistance navigating the home or assistance getting in and out of bed.

There are several types of senior home care services available, including: respite care, in-home support, in-home services, and specialized services for seniors. If you are looking for respite care, you may want to look into agencies that provide twenty-four hour supervision and nursing care for seniors helping them remain independent. Seniors may also require assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, using the bathroom, and more. The cost depends on the agency and frequency of service.

When looking at in-home services, it’s important to know what your options are. Some agencies offer home care services that simply give your loved one company time during the day. These services include companionship, housekeeping, shopping assistance and errand assistance. On the other hand, other agencies offer services that include bathing, dressing, feeding, transportation, grooming and exercising your loved one. Depending on the level of service you need, these services could cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars per day.

Speaking of costs, it’s also vital that you understand what is covered by your agency. Often times, you can receive a personalized care plan that details exactly what services will be provided. You may be able to tailor the services provided according to your loved one’s specific medical needs and/or preferences. You can also expect to have consistent support throughout the process. If you have questions or concerns, no one at the home care agency will be hesitant to address your concerns.

If you choose to go with in-home services, it’s important that you choose someone who has experience and who you trust will provide your loved one with the best care possible. Before hiring a caregiver, make sure that he or she is licensed, bonded and insured. Make sure that they have experience in treating the type of health care issue your senior requires. A good caregiver should be willing to discuss any issues with you thoroughly.

For those who need more personalized care, there are a variety of agencies that provide personalized services. Personal Care Services for Seniors, Inc. (PCS) is one of these agencies. This company provides caregivers respite care services and home health care in a variety of senior communities. PCS contracts with care givers to deliver personalized care services based on each senior’s individual healthcare needs. This is done through scheduling visits with their patients and through offering personal care services such as bathing, getting dressed, eating meals and shopping. A home care service provider can usually select their own caregiver or can assign a caregiver to a patient based on their specific instructions.