What is the Difference Between Housekeeping and ADLs?

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What is the Difference Between Housekeeping and ADLs?

If someone in your family has developed a need for assisted living or disability care then contacting an in home caregiver may be the best option for you. When loved ones become ill or suffer from a terminal illness their in home care may include the need for assisted living or a nursing home. The most effective way to find an in home care provider is through an on-line companion provider locator. Companion Services LLC specializes in elderly care, in home care, elder care and new mother post-natal care.

“Companions & Home Helpers LLC specializes in non-medical in-home care with support, including, but not limited to: meal planning, housekeeping, laundry, bathing, medication reminders/medication reminders/equipment ordering, transportation, dressing, medication reminders/equipment ordering, shopping, communication, companionship, medical support, safety/security, medical treatment/accident recovery, medication reminders, telephone services, therapy, and home maintenance.” Website by Companion Services LLC – accessed on 8th April, 2021. Per State Laws.

An in home caregiver can provide additional services which will enhance the quality of life for your loved one. For example if your in home care provider is skilled in preparing meals your loved one will be able to maintain more independence while enjoying the added benefits of being in a home. A skilled home caregiver will be able to prepare nutritious meals while also getting your loved one out of the house for activities, and thus maintaining a sense of balance. In addition to the in home care services an in home caregiver may also provide housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation or companionship. If you’re considering adding an in home caregiver to your family, or are looking for an in home care provider you should consider the following characteristics of a good in home care provider:

On the subject of criminal background checks. While many in home care agencies perform their own criminal background checks, it is up to you as the client to inquire about this information with your in home care provider. The best home care agencies will have a consistent and reliable method for performing this type of check. If they do not perform a check or are unable to produce results that you require, you should probably consider looking elsewhere. The most reputable and reliable in home care agencies will routinely screen their caregivers and will make this information available to clients. As with any other professional, the best home care agencies will have a reputation for providing safe and respectful care.

Another important feature is that they should have a very high staff-to-client ratio. This percentage is important because it indicates how many clients an in home care agency can comfortably serve. The smaller the staff-to-client ratio, the more affordable the assisted living facility is likely to be. The larger the staff-to-client ratio, the more expensive the assisted living facility may be. For seniors who may be staying in their homes for several years, a small to medium sized in home care agency is a great option for them, as long as they feel comfortable with the staff and the environment.

The other important factor, which is often overlooked, is that an in home caregiver is going to be much more familiar with the needs of their clients than an in home care provider is. A nurse or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is not someone who understands the needs of seniors in the home. They come in, check on things like the medication levels, and may even recommend some medication changes. With the help of a trained in home caregiver, seniors can feel at ease while they are in the presence of their caregivers. A nursing home is not equipped to provide this kind of personal care to seniors.

An in home care agency also provides the added benefit of being able to provide seniors with activities that they are interested in. Some activities, such as physical therapy, help seniors maintain or improve their health. However, there are other activities, such as therapeutic massages or swimming, that may also be beneficial. This is why it is imperative to choose a company that is well-educated about what kinds of activities help seniors maintain or improve their overall health.

If you are looking for a good in home care service for your elderly loved ones, you might want to try searching for agencies that offer these types of services. One such company, the Alzheimer’s Association, recommends that you search for agencies that offer as many different services as possible. You should be able to choose between housekeeping and therapeutic activities of daily living (ADLs). If you want to find a dementia home care that provides only one type of service, look for an agency that can provide both types of services.