What Are At Home Companions For Elderly People?

A live-in aid is a caregiver who lives with the client, rather than having a separate home. Typically, this person is the sole caregiver of the client 24 hours a day. The client will provide the aide with a comfortable bed, linens, blankets, and their personal items, as well as supplies and transportation. While live-in aides are not responsible for the care of the client’s personal belongings, they will make sure they are comfortable while staying in the home.

In order to qualify as a live-in aide, an individual must have a disability. If a person is disabled, this individual must qualify under HUD’s Section 8 program or Housing Vouchers. If the individual is a child of a disabled parent, the child can request a live-in aide for him or her. In addition, the parent must certify that the child is disabled. The live-in aide will be an employee of the landlord or PHA. read more

Benefits of Caregivers for Seniors at Home

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Benefits of Caregivers for Seniors at Home

The seniors of our society need at home companionship just as much, if not more than they need health care. As the baby boomer generation gets older and begins to age, it’s important to consider what changes will occur in their lives. They will be less active and have a greater risk for depression. It’s also possible that the elderly will become isolated because of social isolation. While it’s very important for all seniors to have personal care that is consistent and ongoing, there are numerous in home care options that can assist with this goal. read more